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Thank you for visiting our website, we hope you found some interesting information and resources on getting help for dependency. May we ask that you not let your visit end here? We are continuously searching for all types of individuals to help us grow our foundation and its mission. People from all walks of life and all professions are welcome.

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Finally, advances in our society are often slow tenuous battles. What should be common sense and part of our nation of laws, at times often gets swept under the rug or is lost through the cracks. Help us help our city, state and country. As an activist organization we often sponsor and support many drives for new laws as well as changes to some existing laws. By clicking on our Petition link below, you will have the opportunity to join one of the most worthwhile causes out there. If you are unable to volunteer and/or contribute financially, please at least take few moments to read through our online petition and choose to support our cause with your digital signature.

No matter which option(s) you choose, on behalf of our entire organization and those we have already helped and those we seek to help in the future,



"People need to be more educated on the real problem that we have. We don't want to turn a blind eye to addiction," she said. "A lot of stigma is attached to addiction, and the truth of the matter is that it could be your neighbor; it could be your grandfather, father, sister, mother, a school teacher, or a lawyer. "

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Our Philosophy

Addiction is not a moral issue it is a disease which can be treated.

How to Save a Life's goal is provide assistance to those suffering from addictive disorders receive the help they want and need. How to Save a Life is giving the chance of life that Karl D. Hottenstein did not have.

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All our programs are self-funded. That means we survive on the generosity of our friends. Please think about contributing what you can to a very worthwhile cause.