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Without financial gifts from friends such as you, we would be unable to help the thousands of people out there who have no place to turn. The gift of just a dollar, when multiplied by hundreds/thousands of benefactors, can provide services and help to those that need it the most. No contribution is too small (and no contribution is too large either!). Please take a moment to think about if it was your friend, your child, your family member who had no where to turn...

We thank you dearly for any contribution you may be able to make. How To Save a Life is a 501(c)(3) organization, and so any/all donations made are tax-deductible, and we will provide you with a letter of receipt for your gift. You may start the process by clicking the link below.

Contact Information

How To Save A Life Foundation

349 Madison Ave.
Warminster, PA 18974-4821


E-mail: info@howtosavealife.org

Our Philosophy

Addiction is not a moral issue it is a disease which can be treated.

How to Save a Life's goal is provide assistance to those suffering from addictive disorders receive the help they want and need. How to Save a Life is giving the chance of life that Karl D. Hottenstein did not have.

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All our programs are self-funded. That means we survive on the generosity of our friends. Please think about contributing what you can to a very worthwhile cause.